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These are publications I made during my PhD at ESAT-PSI/VISICS and preceding studies. All documents are in PDF format. Due to space and bandwidth constraints, I have not put the datasets online that accompany these publications. These sets include the multi-view motorbike and sports shoes sets from the CVPR06 and IJRR09 papers, and the car and wheelchair sets from the ICCV07 and CVIU09 papers. If you want to obtain those datasets you should first ask the people at VISICS (especially Tinne Tuytelaars) if they can provide them. If not, you can ask me and I'll see if I can dig them up and figure out a way to get them to you.

Mind that I do not have the rights to share the source code of the entire multi-view recognition system. If you are interested in this source code for research, you should again contact ESAT-PSI/VISICS directly.