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Welcome to the Dr. Lex site, providing a diverse collection of things since 1997, ranging from information and software to slightly absurd types of humour.

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Recent updates

New SONAIS cartoon every Tuesday and Friday noon CE(S)T, normally.

  • Added log-dos-finder script to the software section, a tool that can help to tune DoS detector parameters by analysing existing server logs.
  • Most recently updated 3D printable models: beveled rib edges for Customizable Screw Cap; improved Flexi Rex source model to simplify clean-up; adjustable grid origin and better efficiency for Customizable Sieve; updated separate parts version of Flexi Rex with latest model and added dowels.
  • Some updates to the article about the (many) pitfalls of implementing Web Push notifications using Google's FCM.
  • Most recently added 3D printable models: Lock Pinning Tray (LPL style), Bicycle Spoke Reflector, Customizable simple spiral vase mode boxes, and Hex Twist surface vase.
  • You can now get notified about new SONAIS webcomic strips in near-real-time through web push messages.
  • Start of the first long adventure story arc ‘Faceworld’ in the SONAIS webcomic.

ZOMG! What happened to the cool home page?

Long ago, the home page was a big animated clickable image as shown above. It was cool but impractical to maintain, and it would also be awkward on present-day mobile devices. I might make a worthy future-proof replacement (which is why I labelled this page as ‘BETA’), but for now you will have to make do with this spartan design where the above list of down-to-earth text links take you to the topics in which the site is divided.

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