Simple Time Calculator

This is a simple calculator to add or subtract 2 time values. This one has minimal bloat and runs locally in JavaScript, so it is not hampered by slow network connections. I created this because I often need to know how much time is between entries in log files. The result will auto-update whenever the inputs are changed, or an update can be forced with the ‘=’ button.



“XX:YY” represents:

Times can be entered as strings or through separate components.
String values can be an integer representing seconds, or one of the formats “HH:MM” (or “MM:SS” depending on the above toggle), “HH:MM:SS”, or “Dd HH:MM:SS”, with SS seconds, MM minutes, HH hours, and D days. These formats can be followed by an AM or PM designation, and all can be preceded by a minus sign to represent a negative value (past).

Enabling one of the ‘hourglass’ ⏳ checkboxes will enable live updating, as if clicking the adjacent ‘now’ button every second.
12:00:00 AM is considered to be midnight and 12:00:00 PM to be noon.
The calculator allows entering nonstandard time designations like 25:72:60.

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