A comic by Dr. Lex (a.k.a. Alexander Thomas)
in the style of geeky classics like User Friendly

Current story arc: Faceworld – chapter: Conclusion

Latest strip: 79 – Friday, July 12, 2024

Comic 79
Max: The situation may be safe now, but we are still stranded here, without a pilot or communications uplink.
Crew member 3: I am licensed to pilot the hovercraft. I can take you back while the others clean up the mess here.

Zhang: Your team actually has a truck factor higher than one for hovercraft skills? That's the last thing I expected…
Max: Does that make it a hovercraft factor?
Zhang: Not really, unless the team members are all run over by a hovercraft.

Heidi: Let's gather our things. We'll have plenty of time to discuss different types of vehicular manslaughter during the walk back to the station.

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