Short text:

Most of the “Weird Stuff” section is about silly and absurd things and nothing is meant to be serious. If you are:

then I very strongly recommend you to leave the “weird stuff” section of this site immediately without reading anything.
If you ignore this warning and I receive any mail or guestbook message from you considering for instance the “microwave canary,” I will delete it on sight without reading it and consider you a moron. So don't waste your and my time with such mails.

If, despite the fact that this warning is at the top of all pages involved, you already viewed one of them, read the text below.

Long text:

Please read this before viewing anything in this section, and more particularly the “Canary bird in the microwave”.

The entire “Weird stuff” section, that is: all pages with an URL starting with https://www.dr-lex.be/weird/, is about absurd humour. It appears that there is a considerable amount of people who are unable to understand or appreciate this kind of humour.
I occasionaly receive mails or guestbook entries from the latter group of people, who think there is anything serious about the nonsense in the Weird Stuff section. I am pretty much fed up with these mails, therefore I immediately divert anything which looks like them to the trash. No, I have never put a live animal in a microwave and I never will. If you look at the 'movie' and listen to the sound, it should be blatantly obvious how fake it is! Most of the “Weird Stuff” section was made around 1997, when I still had time to waste on those silly things.

Therefore, if you consider yourself belonging to that group of people, I strongly recommend you NOT to read any page of the “Weird Stuff” section of this site. This means: every time you see "Weird Stuff" at the top of a page, or the orange warning icon: Warning, immediately click “Dr. Lex' Site” at the top left to go to the main page.


In order to protect young children from accidentally viewing these pages, all 'hazardous' pages in this website used to be labeled with an appropriate ICRA label. Unfortunately ICRA was discontinued in 2010, therefore eventually I dropped the labels as well. Visitors will have to rely on the warning icon and common sense to decide whether these pages are appropriate for them.

If you are not sure whether you might be offended by the contents of the “Weird Stuff” section, this simple list of questions will help:

  1. Is your age 12 or below?
  2. Are you grown-up, but do you still feel like a kid of age 12 or below?
  3. Do you have problems understanding the concept of humour in general?
  4. Do you find absurd humour stupid (like in “Monty Python and the Holy Grail,” the animations of JoeCartoon, ...)?
  5. Have you already visited websites like “Bonsai Kitten,” thought they were real, and wanted to sue/punish/kill their authors? (this is the same question as the previous, but formulated in an alternative way)
  6. Are you a pet lover and more specifically a canary lover?
  7. Are you offended by the depiction of violence to fictitious humans or animals, whether it be in a cartoon, text, sound, movie or any other medium?
  8. Do you find computer games like ‘Carmageddon’ or the ‘GTA’ series horrific and to be completely forbidden?

If the answer to any of these questions is positive (that means “Yes”), consider the “Weird Stuff” section unsuitable for you and take the warnings on this page in consideration. I repeat for clarity: I will not read mails from you and consider you a moron if you do ignore all these warnings.

Personally, it makes me sad that I am obliged to make a page like this, but I'm afraid I'll just need to learn to live with the way some people are. I just hope to reduce the amount of time wasted by people writing pointless angry mails and me deleting them. Those who do understand and appreciate absurd humour will of course laugh their socks off reading this page.