Simple Dark Sky Weather API icons

by Alexander Thomas (aka Dr. Lex)

Dark Sky Icons by Dr. Lex

What is it?

I'll be very short about this one: this is a simple free-to-use set for the 10 possible icons that match the ‘icon’ description used in the Dark Sky ( weather API. The values at the time of this writing are:


Download the icons (zip file, 36.1 kB)

The download contains the icons in both the original SVG format, and rendered PNG images of 128×128 pixels. The latter may be useful if the target platform does not support SVG, or if the icons will never be displayed at a large scale and you can benefit from the 65% space savings. These rasterised images will obviously look bad when upscaled to high resolutions though. I advise to use the scalable vector graphics when possible.


Creative Commons License
This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

In short, this means that you can do pretty much anything with these icons. The only catch is that as long as the originals are remotely recognisable in your derived work, you must visibly mention my name somewhere in your product. You can either use “Dr. Lex” or “Alexander Thomas”. You can link to my website if you wish, but you don't have to.


I needed a set of icons like these for creating a quick and simple weather webapp that relied on the Dark Sky forecast API. Given that the API only has 10 possible weather state icons, I thought it would be trivial to find a set of plain, non-animated usable icons with no strings attached. I appear to have been wrong. Either that, or search engines nowadays are getting increasingly useless due to excessive fuzziness and attempts to be smart even when users enter the most idiotic search queries. Or both of these.

I spent dozens of minutes sifting through a lot of junk, noticing that certain persons seem to have done a great effort to boost search engine rankings of their commercially-licensed icon sets, obscuring the possibly free sets I was looking for. Being not a total n00b when it comes to drawing stuff, I figured that at some point it became more efficient to simply draw my own icons from scratch, than to keep fighting the search engines. So I did, and here they are. It took me somewhere between 30 and 45 minutes to draw these. They may not be designed according to whatever trendy designer school rules or semi-fascist design rules imposed by some big name company that are currently in vogue, but they are functional.

You may be wondering, why are the icons packaged in a zip instead of being simply embedded as-is into this webpage? Simple: I wouldn't want anyone to hotlink the icons from this very website into their own app. Conversely, nobody would want to make the reliability of their app depend on an external website than can go down or rearrange its files at any moment.

This set of icons was released in April 2016.