Dr. Lex' Software page

This is a collection of various stuff I have made for various platforms. Generally, these programs were written to solve a specific kind of problem I had. Instead of just using them and keeping them for myself, I decided to share them in case they are useful for other people. In a certain sense it is dogfooding, but somewhat reversed. This is also why most of these programs do not have a nice polished interface, they just do the job. I do try to properly document everything though, and provide an easy way for installing or compiling.

Some of these programs are updated regularly, but others are getting pretty old and may only be useful if you are some kind of software antiquarian. Therefore I more or less sorted the items in each category, as well as the categories themselves, from least to most obsolete.

If you want to link to a software download, you must link to the download page, not the file itself. Due to misbehaving crawlers and bots, I had to prohibit access to large files if the download does not originate from within this site. This means you will also get a 403 error if you use a browser that leaves the ‘HTTP referrer’ blank.

Fonts, Sounds, Images3D PrintingCross-Platform & ScriptsLinux and Android softwareMarathonMac OS X softwareClassic Mac OS software

Fonts, Sounds, Images

  • Test soundsMP3 Test Files
    MP3 files with pure sine wave sounds and frequency sweeps.
  • Weather iconsSVG weather app icons
    22 free simple weather icons that can be used together with a weather API like the one from Visual Crossing.
  • FontsFonts
    TrueType fonts (for both Classic Mac OS and OS X/Windows/Linux.)

3D Printing

Tools and configurations for 3D printing, currently all focused on the FlashForge Creator Pro, as this is the 3D printer I'm using. You may also want to check out the 3D printing section of this site for printable 3D models and informational articles about 3D printing.

Cross-Platform & Scripts

These are command-line tools or program plug-ins written in C++, Perl, Python, or other languages. They should run on any UNIX/Linux-like system, like Mac OS (X) or in Cygwin. They may also run in Windows with the appropriate runtime installed. Some may require external libraries. Sort order is roughly from least to most obsolete.

  • bigfilerepairBig File Repair Tool
    This script makes it easy to repair corrupted chunks in a huge data file without having to copy over the entire file again. (Bash)
  • BinDiffBinDiff
    This is a tool intended for finding differences between binary files. It can compare per byte or blocks of bytes, and dump each difference to separate files. (C++)
  • log-dos-finderlog-dos-finder
    A script that analyses a set of existing Apache2-style web server logs, and reports cases where a remote host appears to be performing a denial-of-service (DoS) attack. (Perl)
  • GIMP fake DoFGIMP Fake Depth-of-field Plugin
    A plugin for GIMP that can mimic a depth-of-field effect in images. (Python)
  • SRTLabSRTLab
    A script that can perform some useful operations on SubRip (.srt) subtitle files, like time scaling/shifting and fixing other timing problems. (Perl)
  • AutoStereo2DepthAutoStereo2Depth
    Automatically extracts depth (3D shapes) from autostereograms, the kind of images where you need to stare and force your eyes in an unnatural pose until a 3D image appears. It can also convert an autostereogram to an anaglyph to make viewing easier. (C++)
  • SoundStatsSoundStats
    Computes some interesting statistics about sample values in sound and music files. I mainly wrote this to see how bad the effects of the Loudness Wars are on recent music albums. (C++)
  • Id3GainId3Gain
    Calculates ReplayGain for MP3 files and stores the gain information in ID3 tags, for use by media players like Rockbox. Can also upgrade iTunes' Sound Check adjustment to ReplayGain. (C++)
  • Form mailCGI Form Mail script
    A basic script that allows to send e-mail from within your website without using spam-attracting ‘mailto:’-links. (Perl)
  • ContypesuxContypesux
    A CGI script to use in combination with htaccess, to prevent huge bandwidth space waste by Internet Explorer visitors. (Perl)
  • mirc2irssimirc2irssi
    A script that converts mIRC logs to irssi format. (Perl)
  • OLStatsOLStats
    This is an updated version of the OLStats mutator by Greg “Overload” Laabs for Unreal Tournament 2004. It adds a few features and fixes some bugs compared to the last ‘official’ version 3.01. (UnrealScript)

Linux and Android software

  • FrankenROMCustom ‘FrankenROM’ for the Abardeen F80 Watch Phone
    This is an entirely new Android 4.2.2 ROM for this (now extremely rare) Chinese watch phone. It adds support for many languages and Play Store, as well as other Google apps.
  • YABPMCounterYABPMCounter
    Yet Another BPM Counter, a simple manual BPM counter app for Android.
  • EPO UpdaterEPO Updater
    Allows a reliable manual update of the EPO files on MediaTek-based Android devices, to improve GPS performance.
  • Speaker simulatorSpeaker Simulator Plugin
    A plug-in for XMMS which makes listening with headphones more enjoyable.


  • MarathonDr. Lex' Marathon Page
    Marathon was one of the most successful, if not the most successful, first-person shooters in the early days of Mac gaming. The game has now been made open source so it can be played on several platforms. This section of the site is an ode to the quality of the game, and includes some self-made content like custom maps.

Mac OS X software

Most of these are obsolete and won't work in the latest Mac OS versions. The fact that Apple changes their whole architecture every decade, as well as their general disregard for backwards compatibility, make it hard to remain motivated to keep these things updated or make anything new that is specific to Mac OS.

  • Eye-Fi X2 importWorkaround to make Eye-Fi X2 import to Apple Photos in El Capitan
    An AppleScript that, when configured as a Folder Action, allows to restore automatic import functionality for Eye-Fi SD cards when relying on the Eye-Fi X2 Utility. This functionality broke with the transition from iPhoto to Photos in OS X El Capitan.
  • RP WidgetRadio Paradise Widget
    A widget for OS X Dashboard (introduced in 10.4 ‘Tiger’), which displays the last 4 songs from Radio Paradise's playlist in real-time.
  • CM6206CM6206 Enabler
    A program that activates the analog outputs and optical S/PDIF on USB 5.1 audio cards that use the C-Media CM6206 chip.
  • SpectroGraphSpectroGraph
    A visual plug-in for (older versions of) iTunes.
  • iTunes Ogg metadataiTunes Metadata and ReplayGain importer scripts
    Allows to use ReplayGain with Ogg files in iTunes, and imports some missing info fields. (Useless in recent versions of iTunes, as the Ogg plugin is broken.)
  • ScreensaversOS X Screen Savers
    A few simple, but effective screensavers for Mac OS X, including the incredible Black Screen!
    An OS X port of the 1995 DOS game ‘Rise Of The Triad’ from Apogee. Ludicrous gibs!

Classic Mac OS software

All these things are obviously as obsolete as the Classic Mac OS itself.

  • HTML TagWriterHTML TagWriter
    A text-based HTML editor, with pop-up menu tag editing, Cascading Style Sheet editor and other tools to automate otherwise time-consuming tasks.
  • 3D Utilities3D Utilities
    HyperCard stacks which can generate or manipulate 3D files that can also be used in the freeWare program ‘Rotater’.
  • HyperCardHyperCard Stuff
    A collection of various HyperCard stacks, ranging from useful to totally useless.
  • MACAST skinsMACAST Skins
    Two totally antiquated but still original skins for the equally antiquated MACAST (formerly MacAmp), as well as some configs for the WhiteCap plugin.