Dr. Lex' Fonts

Garfield Sans 1.0a1 Garfield Sans sample

Garfield Sans is a TrueType font that mimics a handwritten font. It is designed to look similar to the font used in the Garfield comics by Jim Davis, when used at small point sizes. I sometimes use it in my parody of the comics with the same name as this font.
This is version 1.0a1, an unfinished alpha version that contains the most commonly used characters in the comics. It still needs some tweaking to make certain characters look better at large sizes.
The Garfield Sans font is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported License Creative Commons Licence

Download cross-platform TrueType (Zip archive, 18kB)

DigitalDisplay Sample

DigitalDisplay simulates an alpha-numeric digital display with 14 segments (plus one dot). This font was used in the display on the old main page. It comes in a regular upright and an oblique version (which looks best).
This font is freeWare.

Download Macintosh TrueType (StuffIt archive, 10kB)
Download Windows TrueType (ZIP archive, 9kB)

Fat Digital Numbers Sample

Fat Digital Numbers simulates a simple seven-segment digital display, plus one dot. Next to the digits, it contains all characters that can be reasonably represented.
The font is monospaced except for the ‘:’ character which is narrower, to allow typing a clock-like display directly.
The font contains kerning pairs in an attempt to position the dot directly after the digit, instead of leaving a one-character gap. This will only work if your software supports it. This font is freeWare.

Download cross-platform TrueType (Zip archive, 10kB)

AntiqueGerman Sample

AntiqueGerman is a version of the “Fraktur” type of print that was commonly used in Germany up to the middle of the 20th century. This font was created rather quickly by scanning an old German book, autotracing the bitmaps, and doing some basic clean-up. In other words, do not expect stunning quality.
This font is freeWare.

Download Macintosh TrueType (StuffIt archive, 68kB)
Download Windows TrueType (ZIP archive, 67kB)

EuroSign Sample

This font, dating back to the introduction of the Euro, only contains the official "Euro" currency sign plus the $, £ and ¥ characters, in normal and bold version. The Euro character is the capital E in this font.
Of course this is freeWare.

Download Macintosh TrueType (StuffIt archive, 6kB)
Download Windows TrueType (ZIP archive, 6kB)