Dr. Lex' Software page

This is a collection of various stuff I have made for various platforms. Generally, these programs were written to solve a specific kind of problem I had. Instead of just using them and keeping them for myself I decided to share them in case they are useful for other people. In a certain sense it is dogfooding, but somewhat reversed. This is also why most of these programs do not have a nice polished interface, they just do the job. I do try to properly document everything though, and provide an easy way for installing or compiling.

Some of these programs are updated regularly, but others are getting pretty old and may only be useful if you are some kind of software antiquarian. Therefore, I more or less sorted the items in each category from least to most obsolete. Of course, the whole “Classic Mac OS” category is obsolete by itself.

If you want to link to a software download, you must link to the download page, not the file itself. Due to misbehaving crawlers and bots, I had to prohibit access to large files if the download does not originate from within this site. This means you will also get a 403 error if you use a browser that leaves the ‘HTTP referrer’ blank.

Fonts, Sounds, ImagesMac OS X softwareCross-Platform & ScriptsMarathonClassic Mac OS softwareLinux and Android software

Fonts, Sounds, Images

Mac OS X software

Cross-Platform & Scripts

These are command-line tools or program plug-ins written in C++, Perl, Python, or other languages. They should run on any UNIX/Linux-like system, like Mac OS X or in Cygwin. Some may require external libraries. Sort order is roughly from least to most obsolete.


Classic Mac OS software

All these things are obviously as obsolete as the Classic Mac OS itself.

Linux and Android software